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Half Day Pre-school



After listening to parents in the community and with the success of our full day Pre-Kindergarten program, we have seen a need to expand our program. We will be offering not only our full day 4's Pre-Kindergarten program, but also a morning 3's and an afternoon 4's Pre-School Program. The 3's will run from 8:00-11:00 M-F and the 4's will run from 12:00-3:00 M-F. There will be an option of five days or three days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) per week.



The primary purpose of this preschool is to provide guidance, an enriching environment, and varied experiences which will help the child to know his or her full potential and attain it. Through self-understanding and self-appreciation, we seek to enable the child to make a successful home-school transition. Our goal is to assist children in learning how to relate to each other, become familiar with a group setting, and develop the following: interest in learning, security and self-satisfaction, self-expression, self-control, creativity and responsibility.

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