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spanish Curriculum Overview


Kindergarten through second grade Spanish classes practice oral communication skills through cooperative learning strategies, total physical response, songs and games. Students are introduced to Spanish culture and develop an appreciation of the diversity and richness of Latin America. They learn about clothing, talk about dates, greetings, people around school, feelings, modes of transportation, places around town, numbers and Spanish prayers. Third through fifth grade practice oral communication skills, listening, reading and writing abilities. Students learn about Hispanic cultural celebrations and holidays. The emphasis is on cooperative learning strategies, music, games, work strategies, note taking, interviews and oral presentations. The students learn about the school environment, transportation and traffic safety, school subjects, descriptive adjectives, prepositions, food and how to order in a restaurant. 

Sixth through eighth grade students are introduced to more advanced vocabulary, as well as complex grammar structures, which include a variety of verb tenses. The students will practice listening, writing, reading and oral communication skills. The program provides students with the necessary foundation for success in level 2 high school Spanish. This is dependent on a Spanish language placement test and the students' motivation.

Profe Genesee McCarthy
Sra. Nicki Ulrich
Favorite Book:
Wuthering Heights and all things S.E. Hinton, Judy Blume, and Chaim Potok.
What inspires you to teach?:
The hope that the next generation can take what the Lord has given me to teach them, and that they will use what they've been taught to make the world a better and kinder place to be.