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The Christian Service Program at St. Pius X is designed to help our students become well-rounded and globally-aware Christians who are dedicated to:

  • Love of God's people through sincerely heartfelt service.
  • Knowledge gained through realistic social awareness and the responsibilities which such knowledge entails.
  • Respect for all people regardless of race, religious beliefs, educational opportunity, financial situation, or social circumstances.
  • Justice in seeing that all people have fair access to fullness of life.


All students participate in Christian Service. Students in 6th through 8th grades are required to complete a minimum of 3 service hours per trimester outside of their school and home responsibilities.  Their service can be part of a school or class sponsered project or independently planned.  Through service in the Spirit of Christ, our students build community both inside and outside of the school while growing spiritually as responsible Christians.


Lenten Service

This year during Lent, St. Pius X will be helping raise money for St. André Bessette Catholic Church in Portland. Beginning Wednesday, March 13, homeroom teachers will bring their envelopes to Mass with 100% of the money collected going towards helping St. André Bessette. The following is a link to their website 

To summarize the vision and mission of St. André Bessette:

Vision Statement

We are a vibrant Roman Catholic community inspired by Saint André Bessette's response to communion. We welcome all people--rich and poor, housed and homeless, healthy and ill--to share in the love of Christ through our Hospitality. In partnership with the broader community, we defend the dignity of all people. Our prayer and service are a direct response to our common baptism. We advocate for people's physical, mental and spiritual health through dedicated staff, volunteers and community partners. Our ministries invite everyone into a community of Hope and Healing in Portland's Old Town and beyond. 

Mission Statement

Saint André Bessette Catholic Church proclaims Christ's healing compassion in downtown Portland. Through prayer and service, we welcome all people to nurture community, restore hope, and share in God's persistent love.