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Catholic Education has changed my life in the best way possible. When I found out I was going to a private Catholic school I was shocked. I had gone to a public school for the previous six years of my life, and was not ready for a change. Within my first week of school, I had all new friends, and a new way of viewing Catholic Education. I like the rules set in place even though I get frustrated with them sometimes. I like having the structure and organization that St. Pius provides. I learned new things, but most importantly I have developed a stronger relationship with Jesus. We are all very fortunate to have a kind and loving staff, and strong education system. Catholic Education has changed my life forever, and allowed me to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus. I will be forever grateful for St. Pius X.


Catholic education to me means getting to do things others may never get to experience in any other place, meeting amazing people and new friends, and growing in your relationship with God. At St. Pius I have been able to do countless entertaining projects, that vary from dissecting a squid in science to creating timelines in social studies. I have met tons of new people and have always gotten along with everyone, I can't think of one time at St. Pius where I felt that I did not fit in or wasn't wanted. Everyone I have met here has showed me how to make school a positive thing and that everyone will accept you no matter what. Since coming to St. Pius, I feel that my relationship with God has grown positively and I am much closer to him. The three most important things I have learned from a Catholic Education are to work hard, keep good relationships with friends, and always be kind to others.


When I am asked what Catholic school means to me, many things come to mind. The two ideas that stand out are unity and support. Throughout my time at St. Pius X there has been nothing but constant support from teachers and other students pushing me to do my best. Also, the community is extremely close here. Everyone is always there for other and are always spreading kindness. As someone who came to St. Pius X in 6th grade and had never had any experience in Catholic School, St. Pius definitely impacted my life. I had never felt so loved, close, and involve with all the students here no matter the age difference.


Catholic education is very important to me. The way the teachers interact with you is different from other public schools. They will take the time out of their day just to help you one-on-one. The church is a place I like to be, it's the moment when everyone bonds together and we meet as one community. The priests have taught me many things and their homilies teach a life lesson. Going to Catholic School has bonded me closer with my siblings and my siblings can help me with whatever I need because they once were doing what I am doing now. Catholic School has taught me many things that people at other schools don't get. I am blessed that my parents sent me to a Catholic School. In the future, I hope to continue to get a Catholic education and to continue my relationship with God.


To me Catholic education means to be a successful individual. Catholic education teaches students how to be successful in many different ways. This means a successful peer, learner, problem solver and many other things. The Catholic education system sets you on a pathway to success no matter who you are or how you are different from others. This education has taught me many things including how to treat others, how to accomplish certain goals, and how to be a respectful learner. I have learned how to react to certain things and how to problem solve creatively. Over all this education is just not a school system, it is also a system that teaches other important aspects of your life you will need including teaching others with love.


Having a Catholic Education means maintaining a positive relationship with God at school, that continue outside of school. It also means living my life with Jesus as my example. Being in a Catholic school helps my classmates and I to do everything in our lives for Jesus. When I have a challenging assignment, I start doing it with Jesus in my mind. My classmates and I also learn to work out disagreements, which do happen, in a calm and peaceful manor because we know that's how Jesus would do it. Catholic school has impacted my life by bringing me closer to God and helping me learn more about the Catholic faith.


Catholic Education means so much to me, and I am very fortunate to be able to attend this school. It is so neat learning about our savior, Jesus, and it has impacted my life so much. I have learned to talk to God when I am struggling, to always try to follow in Jesus's footsteps, and so much more. If  were sent to public school I wouldn't get the opportunity to experience what the St. Pius X school is all about. The community at this school has allowed me to meet lifelong friends, some awesome teachers, and has shown me what being part of a large family feels like.


Catholic schools are amazing! Learning about Jesus every day and furthering m relationship to God is what fulfils me! Even when it's 6:00 AM, and I don't want to wake up. Going to school with amazing friends, teachers, and community makes the whole day better. If there is anything happening in my life that is difficult, I know everyone will be supportive, and everyone will pray for anyone, even if they don't know that person. Knowing that Jesus is guiding everyone's hearts each day shows why our school is able to accomplish the SLE's and why all Catholic schools are an amazing place. Catholic schools are astounding, and they have made a huge impact on my life as a whole.


During my time at SPX, I have learned a lot about being a Catholic and becoming a better person. I have gained many new perspectives on religion and have also learned about numerous values. Catholic education is of great importance to me because, first of all, I am Catholic, and secondly, I want to learn about the development of my faith. Catholic education has had a significant impact on my life by transforming the way I think. I constantly consider others and the choices Jesus would make if He were in my position. Overall, I am immensely grateful that my parents enrolled me in this school because if I hadn't attended, I wouldn't be as knowledgeable about religion as I am today.


Being part of Catholic education has made me improve and develop many aspects of my life. Being part of a Catholic school has taught me that with the right teacher, people can grow and learn. For instance, I had a lot of struggles with writing effectively. With the help of Mrs. Q, I managed to not worry about word count and worry more about the content of my writing. Catholic education, to me, means learning with the help of supportive teachers, as well as classmates, under a role model. It also means being part of a community and contributing to said community. One moment that sticks out to me is helping and donating to homeless families. When 8B helped move out some of the boxes, I felt a sense of satisfaction, as well as contentment. Although I will eventually leave St. Pius, its teachings will stick with me as I grow as a person.