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I am very pleased to take a moment and welcome you to St. Pius X Catholic School, and I am very excited that you are considering Catholic education. When choosing Catholic education you are opening doors for your children to instill life long values.

At St. Pius X Catholic School, we provide our students with a strong nurturing environment where every child is respected and is trusted to take an active role in his or her development as a student and as a responsible, discerning Catholic. We maintain a strong academic curriculum, along with a variety of co-curricular activities. Our most important goal is to fulfill the academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. We believe our role is to guide the student for future success and achievement. The faculty and staff at St. Pius X are dedicated to shaping the whole child by providing an enriched curriculum that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.   Parents are considered our partners and an integral part of the education process. We strive to keep our parents informed about our students' progress. We appreciate your commitment and trust in educating your child.

When choosing to enroll at St. Pius X Catholic School, you are not just choosing a school, but you are gaining a family.

I look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless,

Mrs. Smith