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Our Scrip program is a year-round fundraising program that benefits St. Pius X School.  Scrip gift cards are just a different way to pay for the things we already buy everyday--groceries, gas, household items, clothing, school supplies, etc., and by purchasing them with Scrip gift cards, we raise money for the school.

How it works:  the school buys gift cards in bulk and receives them at a discounted price.  We then sell the cards at face value, retaining the difference. 

As a fundraising program, anyone who buys Scrip gift cards from St. Pius X School contributes to the overall financial health of the school, improves the quality of education, and helps to keep tuition costs low for everyone.  Every gift card purchased raises money for the school.  The more gift cards we purchase, the more money the school raises and the greater the benefit to the school community.

Currently scrip is available in the School Lobby:

7:45-8:15am M/W/F
1:45-2:15pm Monday
2:45-3:15pm Wednesday/Friday
and at the Community Center Scrip Window:
8:30am-12:30pm Sundays when a seller is available
Try our new online ordering system! Pre-ordered scrip may be picked up at school or in the Community Center during regular hours.
Questions: please email