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2023-2024 Tuition Rates and Fees

We rely on the generosity of our shareholders (parents, parishioners, alumni and friends of St. Pius X School) to keep tuition affordable and necessary increases modest. Tuition payments can be made annually or monthly (over 10 months) at the choice of the parents during registration.  Due to the importance of tuition to the successful operation of the school, it is imperative that all families make it a priority to pay their tuition on time.

Additionally, all families pay a one-time $500 Family Fee, a PTO Fee of $40

*You can help bridge the gap between the full cost of tuition and current tuition rates through a tax-deductible donation
 (consult your tax advisor).

Tier 1:   Active Catholic St. Pius X or St. Juan Diego Parish members making financial contributions to the Parish. 

In order to receive a Tier 1 subsidized tuition rate, you must be a registered Parish member in 2022 and participate in regular giving of a minimum of $10 per week, or $520 annually.  Financial contributions are to be maintained annually.

Participates in parish ministries and programs through appropriate volunteering of time, talent, or treasure.  
The exception to the definition of active parish steward is at the pastor’s discretion.  

Tier 2:  Active Catholic member of another Catholic Parish who has submitted a signed Out of Parish Agreement form for Non-Parish tuition.

Tier 3:  Families who are not active members of a Catholic Parish.