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Essential to the success of St. Pius X Catholic School is the partnership between educators and parents. This partnership is built on a foundation of mutual trust, respect, and honesty. When parents enroll their children at St. Pius X, they have certain expectations of the school, its teachers and administrators. St. Pius X has certain expectations of parents.
Parental Rights include:
  • To have your children's safety be a priority.
  • To have your children receive an academically sound education in a Catholic environment.
  • To have your children taught by competent teachers who respect and care for them.
  • To participate in the life of St. Pius X.


Parental Responsibilities include:

  • To be a partner with St. Pius X in the education of your children.
  • To understand and support the religious nature of St. Pius X.
  • To read all communications from St. Pius X.
  • To discuss concerns and problems with appropriate personnel.
  • To be as actively involved as you can be in the life of St. Pius X and to volunteer assistance when possible.
  • To meet your financial obligations in a timely manner and to support fundraising efforts.

Parents are encouraged to stay connected by using the tabs on this page, and visiting the school website often for the latest information.